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£100 PC-on-a-stick lands in the UK

Intel has big plans for the small computer.
Intel has big plans for the small computer.

After Hannspree yesterday, ICT service provider, Stone Group has unveiled its own PC-on-a-stick, commonly known either as a Windows dongle or a Compute Stick (as Intel puts it).

It's essentially a tiny computer that runs on Windows (and uses an Intel chip) and connects to any display that has a HDMI connector. You can also connect it to a DVI monitor but you will require a connector and there will be no sound transmitted.

Unlike the Hannspree model announced yesterday, Stone's stick costs only £100 although it is unclear whether it will be VAT inclusive.

Like other models on the market, this Windows 8.1-powered device features an Intel quad-core Atom processor, 32GB internal storage, 1GB of RAM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a microSD card reader.

Stone says that it will be available with a range of educational software bundles which is likely to include Office 365 Education solutions (either E1 or E3).

Intel unveiled the blueprint for this form factor a few months ago. Called the Compute Stick, it borrows its design from Android HDMI dongles which have been on the market for nearly two years.