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Gboard offers USB Gmail shortcuts

Gboard: $19.99 of USB shortcuts
Gboard: $19.99 of USB shortcuts

We're sure that we've all gone into our Gmail account and thought 'Oh how I wish I had a USB keyboard with all my favourite shortcuts on that could save me clicking on things'.

Except, of course, we haven't and until now we thought that nobody else had either - but apparently someone has, because a company in the US (where else?) has started shipping that very product.

The GBoard comes with 19 – count 'em – special shortcut keys for those moments when moving a mouse just seems like SUCH an effort.

A dozen quid

Still at $19.99 (c£12) at least it could be squarely pitched as a novelty stocking filler along with the USB 'massager' and the USB whack-a-mole you'll get at Christmas.

The website at says it all: "Finally, a keyboard just for Gmail users." Finally.

Of course – you could just use the keyboard shortcuts on a traditional keyboard, but that would be ridiculous.