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Toshiba puts HD DVD in all its notebooks

All Toshiba notebook computers will have HD-DVD drives from next year

Starting next year, Toshiba will put HD DVD drives in all its notebook computers in a bid to win the high-definition DVD format war. Just as Sony put Blu-ray drives into its PlayStation 3 game consoles to drive people towards its high-definition DVD format, Toshiba is looking to do the same.

Toshiba hopes the move will help the company gain ground in the next-generation DVD format battle, according to Toshiba's senior vice president Hisatsugu Nonaka. "The demand is there; people want to watch their favourite movies in high-definition on the road," he told Reuters .

But adding high-definition DVD drives to notebooks will mean higher prices and could hurt sales, Nonaka added.

Toshiba shipped 9.2 million notebooks last year, according to research firm IDC . So when it does start adding HD DVD to its notebook computers, millions of HD DVD-capable machines will be hitting the market.