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Apple now offers USB security key support for Safari

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Safari users could soon be able to login to their accounts using USB security keys according to the latest preview version of Apple's web browser.

The release notes for Safari Technology Preview 71 include a number of new features such as dark mode, web animations and most importantly from a security standpoint, support for the WebAuthentication (WebAuthn) API.

Those curious enough to download the latest preview of Apple's browser can enable the feature that allows them to login using USB-based CTAP2 keys.

USB security keys offer a higher level of protection than text-based passwords and make it harder for attackers to gain access to your account through hacking or phishing.

Better late than never

Safari is the last browser to add support for USB security keys as Firefox enabled the feature earlier this year and was followed shortly thereafter by Google Chrome.

A number of sites and web apps also support the standard including Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft's Office 365.

USB security keys gained a great deal of attention earlier this year when Google revealed that 85,000 of its employees had used its Titan Security Keys internally to completely eliminate phishing attacks. In  fact, they were so successful that the search giant now even sells them on its store.

While security keys offer greater protection than traditional passwords, they do require users to carry another device with them at all times but in this case the benefits certainly outweigh the hassle.

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