Those of you that are waiting with bated breath to see how Sony Ericsson is trying to take on the might of Apple and Google with its own version of an application store should breath now or asphyxiation is certainly on the cards.

We were told the PlayNow Arena would be that portal when we were given the phone – let us tell you: it's not.

Sony ericsson satio

It has roughly 50 applications on there now, with most of them appearing to be (expensive) dictionaries. We're hoping this ramps up quickly, but it's making Nokia's Ovi Store look bulging in contrast.

Of course you can buy music and movies from the site as well, but that's not really what we're looking for. We want pointless free applications we can play with and put down after five minutes.

We did find Snaptu, the application that can pretty much do everything from Twitter to News to London Underground updates, but it's a drop in the mighty Apple App Store ocean really.

Sony ericsson satio

However, there are some pretty neat applications already installed, so let's run you through the best:


Not just a place to learn the weather or check your flight times – this will give you a recorded announcement at 9PM and when your alarm goes off in the morning to let you know what the weather is going to be like.


You play David Bowie, intent on uncovering the mystery of a fantasy world... OK, not really. It's that wooden game with the ball bearing, but using the accelerometer. Infuriating and addictive.


Mess about with your wallpaper – let the phone change it for you every day, or depending on your location, or even if you just shake the phone.

Who wants one wallpaper these days? You're right – losers, that's who.