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Radiopaq Custom Tuned Earphones review

Custom earbuds to match your music - dubious or genius?

Radiopaq Custom Tuned Earphones
Radiopaq's Custom Tuned Earphones cater for several tastes

Our Verdict

Great buds that should be matched to personal taste


  • Good value for money
  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Versatile – not limited to one genre


  • Picking which to go for is tricky

Radiopaq's Custom Tuned Earphones range offers a unique set of earbuds for different musical genres, each optimised to get the most from the style in question.

There are four to choose from. The Rock earbuds offer solid bass and a low-distortion ratio. The Pop-tuned set gives strong vocals and midrange, with Jazz emphasising detail, range and balance, and Classical offering improved audio separation and a strong mid-to-high end.

Radiopaq is keen to point out the buds aren't limited to their own genre. This makes sense, but it is confusing.

But does this custom-tuning work, or is it a gimmick? The differences are subtle but they do exist, though which set sounds best seems more down to personal taste rather than the style of music being played.

We especially liked the Jazz earbuds as the degree of instrumental detail worked well for all genres, giving jazz and classical added clarity, while capturing the intensity and energy of a rock or pop performance. They offered a decent bottom range too, but those who like lots of bass might prefer the Rock buds.

There was little difference between Classical and Pop buds, though the former is slightly better for complex arrangements and the latter offers improvement for the vocals. All sets are comfortable with good isolation. Not bad for £59.

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