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Summer launch for Sharp's new 3D TVs

Sharp is set to launch its own 3D TV range in Japan this summer
Sharp is set to launch its own 3D TV range in Japan this summer

Japan's Sharp Corporation is set to release its own range of 3D TVs this coming summer.

Sharp is the world's fourth-largest TV manufacturer behind Samsung, Sony and LG.

The news follows the recent launch of Sky's 3D TV service, with the broadcaster showing football matches in 3D in pubs across the land to promote the new telly tech.

Quality 3D content

The industry is clearly gearing up to promote 3D as the next major mass market tech revolution in television. Though whether or not there will be enough quality 3D content later in 2010 to really help sell the service to consumers remains to be seen.

Sharp has said it would launch 3D TVs this summer in Japan, following up with plans to launch later in 2010 in China, the United States and Europe. Just in time for Christmas!

Panasonic and Samsung have already released 3D TVs, while Sony plans to launch its own 3D TVs in June.

Research firm DisplaySearch predicts that demand for 3D TVs will likely grow to 27 million units in 2013, estimating that around 2.5 million units will be sold in 2010

Via Reuters