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Toshiba turns sights to professional HD TV

Toshiba unleashes its professional HD TV equipment

Toshiba appears to be doing all right for a company just coming out of a painful relationship with HD TV – probably because it has more than one iron in that particular fire.

As if to show that there's life in the old dog yet, the Japanese giant has just unveiled what it claims is the world's smallest set-up for capturing professional high-definition television [PDF link].

Professional broadcasters

The IK-HD1 system consists of a tiny (by pro standards anyway) camera-head, and a control unit for feeding the output into a mixing desk or storage facility. Pricing is unspecified, but think in the region of thousands of pounds.

Toshiba reckons the gear is perfect for "broadcast applications and other imaging tasks where space is limited", but goes on to spoil the image of a well-balanced, sophisticated company moving on from past heartbreak, by boasting that the HD1 is in use on American Gladiators and Cash Cab TV. Classy.