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B&O BeoSound 6: smart design, superior sound

Bang & Olufsen announced their latest digital audio player today. The new BeoSound 6 comes with Bang & Olufsen's popular A8 earphones, a leather case and a travel charger for when you're away from home.

Bang & Olufsen is known for its impeccable-looking range of consumer electronics products, and the BeoSound 6 doesn't disappoint. With its minimalist design in stainless steel and lacquered plastic, it'll be a joy to even the most hardcore of design fans.

Bang & Olufsen said the BeoSound 6 delivers superior sound and has been developed to minimise sound loss regardless of whether you listen through the supplied A8 earphones or the loudspeakers.

Proprietary BeoPlayer software lets you access and organise your music files quickly. Some 1,000 tracks can be crammed onto the BeoSound 6 using the 4GB flash memory, and the battery should offer up to 40 hours playback.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 6 will go on sale in late October/early November for around £350.