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Toshiba adds AMD processors to notebook range

Around 20 per cent of Toshiba's notebook offerings will be available with AMD processors

Toshiba is following in Dell's footsteps and will start adding AMD processors to its notebook computer ranges.

In a bid to broaden its computer offerings, Toshiba has started to sell machines running on AMD processors as well as Intel's, which the company previously used exclusively. It will be using the AMD Turio 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology from the AMD M690 mobile chipset in selected Satellite notebooks.

Toshiba said today that 20 per cent of its notebook computers in Europe and the US will be equipped with AMD processors. As Toshiba is the fourth largest maker of notebook computers, this works out to a significant amount of processors.

End of an era?

"This could be a message that an era in which Intel took the lion's share of microprocessor profits as the king of PC chips is over," Macquarie Securities analyst Yoshihiro Shimada told Reuters .

AMD's alliance with Dell last year is undoubtedly its biggest deal yet but the new Toshiba order is another big step for AMD. Toshiba said it would start putting AMD processors into some of its machines as soon as this summer. Budget and mid-range notebooks are expected to be available first.

Intel currently holds around 80 per cent of the microprocessor market.