Tech savvy firms urged to switch to .uk as Stephen Fry leads the charge

Will the new domain attract more clicks?

UK domain registry Nominet has rolled out a new .uk top-level domain (TLD) for people and businesses wanting a "shorter, sharper" domain.

More than 10 million domain holders will be given five years to decide whether they want to sign up for a .uk address or stick with what they have.

British actor and Twitter extrordinaire Stephen Fry is one of the first to have made the switch from .com to .uk.

In a statement, Nominet said it expects that the new domain, which will coexist with the existing address, will appeal to UK-based "tech-savvy entrepreneurs and start-up businesses".

Its launch brings the UK in line with other countries including Ireland, France and Germany, which have launched the TLDs .ie, .fr and .de respectively.