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Man Utd explains its Facebook strategy

Man Utd - Facebook liked
Man Utd - Facebook liked

Manchester United have explained how they use Facebook to expand their fanbase and bring more money into the club.

The Premiership club has one of the strongest brands in world football, and uses Facebook because it aligns with the same demographic as its fans across the world.

Richard Arnold, the club's commercial director explained in a video: "Using the social plug-ins on the homepage of Manchester United has been incredibly important.

"They allow us to immediately communicate to the fans and receive feedback on what they like, what they don't like and how that translates into future activities for us."


The club is certainly not alone, with major brands leaping aboard the social networking bandwagon.

Facebook is currently battling for supremacy on the web with search giant Google, with the site's massive global audience an incredibly attractive proposition.

The arrival of the 'Like' button means that fans of a brand, or in this case a football club, can be the most targeted of audiences.

And we'll all probably accept marketing when it comes from a brand we have gone out of our way to express out online admiration for.