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Facebook is taking a proactive approach to fighting password leaks

Facebook wants to preempt your account getting hacked

Facebook's security department has begun monitoring the news for mass password leaks using an automated process that will help the company alert its users when their data has been compromised.

Given all the security mishaps that have surprised users lately, this precaution is probably a good idea.

Facebook's process scans the news and monitors websites like pastebin, where hackers sometimes distribute leaked credentials, Facebook Security Engineer Chris Long wrote in a blog post.

When Facebook discovers a breach has occurred, the process automatically compares the leaked data to its own (encrypted and/or hashed) databases.

Who watches?

When it finds matches, Facebook alerts the users whose data was accessed and walks them through changing their passwords.

Long wrote that Facebook has actually been doing this since Adobe was hacked back in 2013, but it's only just now made it an official and permanent process.

Even so, Facebook users (and everyone else on the internet) would be wise to enable two-step authentication wherever possible.