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5 million download Firefox 3.5 in 24 hours

Firefox is on fire at the moment (download-wise that is)
Firefox is on fire at the moment (download-wise that is)

Mozilla is once again rubbing its hands in glee after the first day of Firefox 3.5 being available cemented it as a surefire web hit.

The browser was downloaded 5 million times in just 24 hours, a number Mozilla had originally pencilled in for Firefox 3.0.

We say originally, as when Firefox 3.0 was released in June last year, its first 24 hours actually garnered 8 million downloads – a world record.

While Firefox 3.5 couldn't quite match the numbers of its predecessor, its numbers do show that the browser is still extremely popular.

Awesome news

The 3.5 update boasts faster browsing, and even more awesome Awesome bar and numerous other new features.

The sheer amount of numbers means that 3.5 users now make up around 2.5 per cent of the market (according to Ars Technica) and Firefox overall has around a 20 to 30 per cent share of the global browser market.

And if that wasn't enough to keep Firefox lovers happy, the browser is set to exceed 1 billion downloads some time in August.

Via Ars Technica