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Watch the Chuckle Brothers play live-action Hitman


There's something deeply unsettling about hearing the Chuckle Brothers order an assassin to mercilessly gun down a room of people, but here we are.

In celebration for the launch of Hitman, Square Enix got the British comedy duo to play 'Real Life Hitman', guiding Agent 47 through a mansion in Devon and ordering him through a series of kills (don't worry, it's all fake).

"When you're in a quiet place, take him out," orders Paul in one instance. "Can we push the statue on him?" he inquires at another. "Shoot em all," he directs despite Barry's concern. "Yes he can, Barry" insists Paul. It's too late, everyone's dead. Oh dear, oh dear.

For those of you outside of the UK, the Chuckle Brothers are a comedy double-act that featured in the long-running kids TV show Chucklevision. Favorite catchphrases included "To me, to you" and "Oh dear, oh dear" - in case those bits of the Hitman video went over your head.

For many of us, they were staples of our childhoods, so you can understand why it's a little strange to see the duo turn from slapstick to cold-blooded violence.