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The Gears of War remake is even more Ultimate than we thought

Gears of War Ultimate Collection

Microsoft has announced Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will come with all the games in the series after all.

Originally, thought to be just a HD-fied remake of the first Gears of War game, the Ultimate Edition now includes access to its two sequels as well as the Judgement prequel.

The other games in the series, however, won't be given the same resolution boost. Instead Gears of War 2, 3 and Judgement will be playable as Xbox 360 games through the Xbox One's backwards compatibility feature.

Gamers will also have to play the Ultimate Edition on Xbox Live at some point between August 25 and December 31 in order to gain access to the whole set of games.

In a related bit of news, Microsoft's Major Nelson also tweeted that Xbox One preview members can play both the original Gears of War game and Shadow Complex. Both games are available for free through backwards compatibility starting today.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will launch on August 25.

Via Eurogamer

Kevin Lee

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