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Sainsbury's breaks £200 barrier for Nintendo 3DS

3DS - coming soon
3DS - coming soon

Supermarket giant Sainsbury's has weighed in with its very own Nintendo 3DS pre-order offer, and you'll be able to get the gaming hand and a fistful of Nectar points for £199.99.

That's £3 cheaper than rival Asda – for now at least – and Sainsbury's will also throw in 1000 bonus Nectar points.

Gurdeep Hunjan, Sainsbury's games buyer, comments: "If you're looking for a Nintendo 3DS, this is a great way to secure one now and save some cash."


Sainsbury's pre-ordering launches in over 300 larger stores today and is also available online from The offer will run "until allocated stocks last".

The 3DS is scheduled to arrive on 25 March and brings a much-vaunted autostereoscopic 3D screen.

The mobile console is expected to be a major hit for Nintendo, despite a price tag that pitched it squarely against some of the major players in home consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.