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It's official – there are no first party titles in development for PS Vita

PS Vita has no first party titles in development

The future has looked grim for the PlayStation Vita for a while now, and things are looking even worse in light of new comments made by Sony senior vice president Masayasu Ito over the weekend.

Ito told the Japanese gaming website 4Gamer (translated by DualShockers) that "first-party studios have no titles in development for PS Vita," confirming what many have suspected and feared for a while now.

According to the senior vice president, Sony Computer Entertainment's game plan now is "to focus on PS4," as it is “a new platform.”

Still, while things are all quiet on the first-party front, Ito confirmed that “third-parties are working very hard on PS Vita,” and that “the situation is changing and the popularity with younger demographics is increasing,” further stating that “Minecraft: PS Vita Edition has provided a boost” to the ailing platform.

Surprisingly, Ito told the site that “a variety of third party games is also planned for the future,” which has inspired Sony to keep on truckin’ on the hardware side of things, with Ito announcing that "in order to further accelerate that flow, we decided to release new colours for the PS Vita this fall.”