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Sharp guilty of Nintendo LCD price fixing

DS Lite
Keeping the Nintendo contract appears to have landed Sharp in hot water

We knew it was coming, but it was still something of a shock to hear the size of the fine imposed on Sharp this week for fixing the price it charged Nintendo for DS and DS Lite LCD screens.

Japan's Fair Trade Commission ordered the electronics giant to pay ¥261 million (£1.95 million) in penalties by next March.

Hitachi involved

The Commission found that Sharp collaborated with a unit of Hitachi to fix prices. It said they "exchanged information about display prices and agreed on the need to prevent a decrease in prices."

In spite of the judgement, however, Sharp hit back, saying it "did not engage in any activities that could be categorized as a violation of [the] Anti-monopoly Act."

Appeal possible

An official statement read: "In order to meet the prices demanded by Nintendo as close as possible, Sharp has provided new technologies, made continuous efforts to reduce costs and conducted price negotiations in good faith to reach an agreement with Nintendo for the delivery prices."

The company also says it will consider whether or not to appeal against the findings of the commission.