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FIFA 14's next-gen engine won't be igniting PC gamers

FIFA 14's next-gen engine won't be igniting PC gamers
PC gamers have been kicking off on Twitter

FIFA fans were no doubt delighted at the announcement that FIFA 14 will run on EA's new Ignite engine, which was revealed at the Xbox One event this week, but it turns out that console gamers will be the only ones enjoying the step-up in power.

FIFA's Community Manager Rob Hodson took to Twitter to announce that the Ignite engine will power FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4, but not the PC. Sound familiar? That's because EA did a similar thing with FIFA 10.

The new Ignite engine promises to make the whole experience a lot more realistic, with sharper animations and faster calculations. We assume this is all part of promoting the new consoles rather than due to the PC being unable to handle the engine, so expect FIFA 15 to come to the PC fully ignited.


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