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Essential gaming kit: Wii Remote Lightsaber

Wii Sabers - a must-buy for any true Jedi
Wii Sabers - a must-buy for any true Jedi

Thrustmaster's new lightsaber attachments for Nintendo Wii have got us unreasonably excited about pretend futuristic swordplay today.

Are these the latest example of the ultimate in Star Wars accessorising?

Thrustmaster's Glow Saber Duo Pack NW 'sabers come in blue and red, glow bright enough to be seen in daylight and are around 28 inches in length (with an 11 inch handle and 17 inch blade with which you can smite pretend Darths).

Definitive Star Wars accessory

The 'sabers are powered by three AAA batteries, with the company claiming they should last for around forty hours of gameplay.

The definitive version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is now, obviously, on the Nintendo Wii.

But them immediately from Amazon for eighteen of your earth pounds.