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Cities: Skylines mod masterclass might just solve your traffic problems

Cities: Skylines

Update: Missed the show? Fear not - you can watch it in full below.

Original story below...

Cities: Skylines has already garnered a tonne of critical praise, trumping 2013's SimCity and, in the eyes of many, marking a new benchmark for the city simulation genre. However, it's been the encouragement of player-made mods that has really helped its community to flourish (just check out the Cities: Skylines modding Subreddit if you want proof). Right now there are around 33,000 available mods and counting.

In fact, developers aren't just leaving the doors wide open for modders - they're also hosting an in-depth modding masterclass over Twitch later today to demonstrate how players can make better mods. They'll also be discussing the shift towards giving players more creative roles in these sorts of games.

The 'How To Masterclass' will take place today at 7PM GMT/2pm EDT/11am PDT on the Paradox Interactive Twitch channel. If you're a Skylines enthusiast, it's probably worth a watch.