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A great selection of features that can work with a wider HR solution

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Zoho Recruit offers excellent features that are easy to use though this recruitment tool can be expensive for smaller businesses.


  • +

    Easy to use

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    Ties into a wider HR product

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    Impressive selection of features


  • -

    Potentially expensive

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    Fewer testing options

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    Lacks integrations

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Zoho Recruit is one of the biggest Applicant Tracking System (ATS) services in the world, so it’s going to be right at the top of most people’s lists if they need some help with their hunt for top-quality staff.

There’s plenty going for Zoho Recruit, including a free option and a broad range of features. Still, we’ve also got questions about some of the firm’s support options and integration abilities.


Zoho Recruit has a broad range of features that are divided into three kinds of product – one for companies, another for recruitment agencies and a third for people who need to hire temporary staff.

Corporate Features

Zoho Recruit comes packed with features for corporate human resources departments (Image credit: Zoho)

The Corporate HR product allows you to post job openings to hundreds of different mainstream and niche job boards, and you can boost job listings on social networks. You can also search through resumes with AI-powered modules that will find candidates on your behalf. You can set up a dedicated resume inbox and invite recruiters to submit potential candidates through a portal with your own branding. You can also establish an employee referral portal to allow your existing staff to give recommendations.

Zoho’s AI features are robust and impressive. Applicants can be graded in advance based on your preferred traits and requirements, and advanced searches help narrow down the candidate pool.

You can use Zoho’s background screening module to run background checks so you can adhere to your preferred hiring practices, and you can ask candidates to complete pre-screening assessments to help eliminate unsuitable people and streamline the process.

HR staff and candidates can access dedicated portals to track the status of applications, and Zoho allows you to track recruitment stats and analyze data. Thanks to a customized series of alerts, rules, and actions, corporate HR staff can also automate much of the recruitment process. Impressively, Zoho’s entire experience can be customized, from the branding and aesthetic of the software to custom tabs and layout options.

Agency Features

Zoho Recruit allows recruitment agencies to source talent faster (Image credit: Zoho)

Switch over to Zoho’s agency module, and you get the same features alongside options to have powerful client portals that allow agency clients to create vacancies easily, send feedback and invite people to interview. And if you use Zoho’s temporary staff product, you’ll receive help from straightforward and powerful scheduling and timesheet tools alongside electronic signatures and invoicing to speed up laborious parts of the process. Temporary workers can also access their own portal to mark their availability and view their workloads.

Zoho does have good features, but some things are missing here too. Zoho Recruit has integrations with Outlook, LinkedIn, Google Suite, and a selection of other products and services, but you’ll find more integration ability elsewhere.

This service doesn’t have as many behavioral, skill, and cognitive testing options as some other recruitment services, either. You only get 24/7 support if you pay extra, too – standard plans only have support five days of the week.

Zoho’s broader company offers a full range of HR products, which is excellent if you want to pick and choose features or opt for a more comprehensive HR solution. Sadly, though, that means you don’t get onboarding unless you pay more.

Corporate Pricing

Corporate HRs can choose from the Standard or Enterprise plan (Image credit: Zoho)


Zoho’s standard Corporate HR package costs $25 per month if you buy annually, and you get the service’s core features alongside candidate sourcing, resume management, tracking, and Google, Zoho, and Microsoft Outlook integrations. If you buy the $50 per month Enterprise product, you get AI-powered candidate matching, improvement portal management, and advanced customization. On top of that, you’ll need to pay extra for hiring manager and vendor portal licenses.

Agency Pricing

Agencies meanwhile have three plans to choose from (Image credit: Zoho)

Recruitment agencies can pay for $25, $50, and $75 tiers, with the two latter options adding extra features. That $50 choice adds AI matching, advanced analytics, better security control, portal management, and candidate assessment options. The top-tier service adds more customization and portal options.

Temporary Pricing

The temporary employee package allows businesses to recruit 25 temps per month (Image credit: Zoho)

The temporary employee package has a simple, single price of $59 a month, although you’ll have to pay more if you want to hire more than 25 employees.

Zoho Recruit’s three products also have free tiers that give you candidate management, interview scheduling, and simple resume search options alongside other basic features. Still, these options are restrictive – HR departments can only list one vacancy at a time, and the temporary staff package is limited to five people.

Final verdict

Zoho Recruit has an impressive selection of features, no matter which package you choose. It doesn’t require a huge amount of technical knowledge to use and excels when it comes to customization and AI-powered extras. It offers a broad slate of recruitment options for HR departments, temporary staff needs, and agencies, and it can be easily incorporated into a wider HR product if necessary.

The costs can mount up, especially if you want a full HR or recruitment solution, and you may want to look elsewhere if you need more testing options, extension integration, or better support.

For most companies and agencies, though, Zoho Recruit will prove excellent, and is one of the recruitment services you need to consider.

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