Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan BL91HD40 High-Speed Smoothie Blender review

Your go-to blender for smoothies, desserts and snacks

Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan BL91HD40
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The Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan can do so much more than make smoothies. It's well built with an ergonomic design, and easy-to-use presets for smoothies, sorbets, ice crushing and desserts mean it can happily tackle a range of ingredients. The additional 'on the go' jug is super-handy, while the 'clean' setting makes light work of keeping the blender in tip-top condition. It's a little more expensive than your average multi-blender, but we think its combination of build quality, versatility and easy of use make it a sound investment.


  • +

    Easy to use menu with presets

  • +

    Quick and efficient

  • +

    Finish feels luxurious and it looks stylish


  • -

    Bulky on the worktop

  • -


  • -

    No storage for accessories

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Looking for a blender to expand your food and drink horizons? This clever and versatile piece of kit from kitchen and home appliance specialist Tefal, which makes some of the best blenders on the market. is well worth checking out.

Don't be deceived by the name – the Infiny Mix Tritan BL91HD40 High-Speed Smoothie Blender can do so much more than make smoothies. Not only can you use it to whip up silky smoothies and ice-cold drinks, but it’s speedy for sauces, great for liquidising soups, and powerful for crushing nuts to create plant-based milks. 

The Infiny Mix Tritan complements Tefal’s existing lineup of liquidisers and blenders, but what makes it stand out is its dual-jug design, with both a multi-use blender for general food prep and a second personal blender jug for on-the-go smoothies.

Similar in style to blenders such as the Ninja 3-in-1 Food Processor with Auto-IQ BN800UK, the Tefal Infiny Mix has a study and stylish base unit on which you can easily switch between the multi-use and personal blender modes. 

Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan BL91HD40 price and availability

  •  RRP: £199.99

The Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan BL91HD40 High-Speed Smoothie Blender is Tefal’s top-of-the-range blender, and its most expensive too, at £199.99.  It’s available through Tefal’s website and on Amazon. You can see today’s best deals for the Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan BL91HD40 High-Speed Smoothie Blender where you are below.


  •  Comes with 2-litre jug and 600ml personal canister
  •  Five presets for different tasks
  •  Tamper and blade cleaning brush included 

At 45cm high and weighing 7.68kg, the Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan isn’t the most discreet blender you can buy, but we think its robust body and sleek styling make it worthy of a space on your kitchen worktop. It features a high-quality Powelix Life Blade Technology and a powerful 1600W motor, which Tefal says enable it to produce up to 40x smoother results than regular blenders. In terms of design, we really can’t fault its luxurious finish and easy to clean components. It has an attractive black and grey finish, and comes with a two-litre unbreakable plastic Tritan multi-serve jug, ideal for blitzing smoothies, pasta sauces and soups, plus a 600ml jug for those times when you want to create a smoothie and take it with you. 

We found setting up the blender was straightforward, and although the multi-serve jug doesn’t lock into place on the base, it does fit neatly on top and still feels secure – this design reminds us of the Vitamix blender, which is simple yet effective. To use the on-the-go jug you need to screw on the blade, turn it upside down and twist the jug to lock it into place. 

The control display is easy to navigate, with five preset buttons for tasks such as smoothie making with a 60 -second default time, preparing sorbets in under one min and 10 seconds, crushing ice in around 40 seconds, and making dessert in around one minute and 15 seconds. The 'clean' setting helps to dislodge any ingredients around the blades in around 30 seconds. 

Inside the box you’ll find a detailed recipe book that will make you think beyond the standard smoothie. It's perhaps one of the most comprehensive offerings we’ve seen included with a blender, with recipes for everything from drinks such as a cherry and rice milkshake and iced coffee, to culinary treats such as fig, hazelnut and goats cheese spread, chestnut flour crepes and spinach and mint green houmous. There's also a useful tamper included in the box, which you can use to push down additional ingredients through the lid cap mid-blend, and a handy brush for cleaning the underside of the blades – these, not surprisingly, are sharp, and you won't want to get your fingers too close to them.

The Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan BL91HD40

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  •  Extremely smooth results
  •  Quiet in use
  •  Clean setting takes 30 seconds to dislodges ingredients around the blades 

The Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan BL91HD40 High-Speed Smoothie Blender has five settings and manual control that lets you tailor the speed and time to your preference. To find out how well it blends, we used it for a number of everyday tasks. First up, we made a mixed berry and avocado smoothie with a mix of frozen and fresh berries, frozen avocado and fresh banana. We added the ingredients and pressed the smoothie setting, which pulsed on and off for one minute. We measured the noise levels at 84 decibels, which we found pleasantly low compared to some of the blenders we have tested. After a minute the smoothie came out silky in consistency. 

Next, we tried making a green smoothie in the personal blender jug. We used frozen diced pineapple, strawberry, peach and mango, and added a handful of fresh spinach leaves and a glug of oat milk. In less than 45 seconds on the smoothie setting – with a little help from the tamper that we used to nudge the spinach down through the lid cap – we had a well-mixed green drink. 

Finally, we used the sorbet setting to make a fresh cocoa dessert. We added almond and coconut nut butter, oak milk, frozen banana chunks and a spoonful of cocoa to the blender and pressed the sorbet setting, which lasts one minute 10. After 30 seconds we stopped the blend as we could see the sorbet was starting to get a little runny, which we think is because we added a little too much oat milk, but it came out cold and delicious all the same. 

Chopping fruit and veg to blend in a smoothie can make a lot of mess, which is why we were thankful for the Infiny Mix’s clean setting. This meant that after we’d used it all we needed to do was add water and a drop of washing-up liquid to the jug and blitz for 30 seconds. We could then rinse the jug clean and place it back on the base ready for next time. 

The Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan BL91HD40

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Should I buy the Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan BL91HD40 High-Speed Smoothie Blender? 

 Buy it if… 

You’ve never owned a blender before
While it isn’t the cheapest option you can buy, this is a stylish kit from a well-respected brand that includes both a multi-blender for large quantities and a secondary option for smaller on-the-go batches. 

You want pre-set programmes
With five easy to use settings for smoothies, ice crushing, sorbets and desserts, and a cleaning button, the Tefal Infiny Mix takes out the guesswork. Should you want to tailor your own drink to a specific consistency, you can also make use of the manual settings and control the speed and time to suit your desired results.

You want to make more than just smoothies
As well as the pre-sets, the Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan BL91HD40 High-Speed Smoothie Blender has manual controls that make it easy to blitz soups, create chunky sauces, nut milks and more. 

 Don’t buy it if… 

Your priority is smoothies
The Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan BL91HD40 High-Speed Smoothie Blender does a lot more, so if it’s simple smoothie-making your after you may be better off buying a personal blender such as the Ninja Blender with Auto IQ BN495UK. 

You’re looking for a sub £100 blender
At £199.99, this blender doesn’t come cheap. And while it has quality features with a design built to last, if your budget won’t stretch over £100, there are quite a few designs you can opt for instead. A good place to start looking is by reading our round-up of the best blenders.

You don’t have a lot of space
The Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan BL91HD40 High-Speed Smoothie Blender is bulky for a blender and come with accessories that will need stashing away, so if you don’t have a lot of space it may not be the one for you.

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