Rewind cloud backup review

Giving you peace of mind by backing up your cloud-based business data

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A useful way to back up and restore your cloud-based data from popular e-commerce and accounting software.


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    Integrates with popular e-commerce and accounting software

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    Choose how much to restore


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    Doesn’t back up files from your devices

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When it comes to safeguarding your company’s data, cloud backup software could be just what you need. Cloud backup is a service that copies and stores your data on a server, usually external to your business, which you can then access via the internet. If the worst happens and a digital or physical mishap causes you to lose some or all of your data, you can then restore your files from the cloud.

Rewind has offered a cloud backup service since 2015, specializing in helping Software as a Service (SaaS) companies secure their data so they can continue to operate undisrupted. It provides both backup and copy services focused on popular e-commerce and accounting software. Although it doesn’t cover files from your devices, it fulfills a vital role in safeguarding your business’s cloud-based data. 

Rewind Cloud Backup Review

Rewind’s pricing depends on the software that you want to back up (Image credit: Rewind)

Plans and pricing

The cost of Rewind’s cloud backup software will depend on which dataset, from which program, you want to back up. Rewind supports backup from eight popular software options, including Shopify, QuickBooks Online, Trello, and BigCommerce, which are each on unique pricing plans.

If you want to back up from Shopify or BigCommerce, the basic price of $3/month will cover up to 20 orders/month; if your e-commerce business is receiving over 2,000 orders/month, the price rises to $299, but also includes real-time and metadata backups to make sure nothing is lost.

For Quickbooks, you can choose the Business package ($19/month), which allows you to back up one file, with unlimited version history and real-time backup. Or, if you’re an accounting business with many QuickBooks Online clients, the Accounting Pros package ($9/file/month) backs up multiple client files.

Copying services are pay-as-you-go, starting at $0.20/item and rising to $99/month for unlimited copies of key data (such as products, images and themes) to one additional location (such as a duplicate of your online store if using Shopify).


With a focus on helping SaaS businesses protect their data, Rewind’s key features are best suited for this audience. 

Rewind will back up your data from popular e-commerce and accounting software. It does this on an individual file level, scanning your account each day to find and save any changes. 

Rewind Cloud Backup Review

Rewind helps you back up and restore your e-commerce store (Image credit: Rewind)

The type of data saved will depend on the software you want to back up; for example, for backing up your Shopify account, Rewind will save products and product images, customers and customer tags, orders, and collections, amongst other data. This service is really useful for e-commerce and SaaS businesses who want to have peace of mind.

When it comes to restoring your data, Rewind has three options. You can restore a single item at a time, restore a category of data, or restore the entire account back to a particular point. The former two can be useful ways to undo mistakes made during data transfer or upload, for example, rather than needing to overwrite the entire dataset.

Rewind also operates a copying service to transfer your data between e-commerce stores (currently it supports Shopify and BigCommerce). This can include products, product images, product metadata, product prices, and product barcodes, amongst other details. You can also copy pages, blog posts, collections, and themes. 

This feature is useful if you want to operate multiple stores with the same products, for example, if you want to have stores in different languages. You can also copy your QuickBooks Online data if you need to transfer to another account.

Rewind Cloud Backup Review

It takes just minutes to sign up, link your accounts and start backing up (Image credit: Rewind)

Interface and in use

Signup is simple, with a short form to fill in your basic details. Once you’ve logged in, you’re invited to link the account you want to back up. Simply input your account details for the secondary software (for example, Quickbooks Online), and you can set up your first backup in minutes. Rewind is very easy to use, both on a computer and on your phone’s web browser.

Rewind Cloud Backup Review

The knowledge base helps you get started (Image credit: Rewind)

Rewind has a live chat feature on their website, a knowledgebase with FAQs, and a support email address. Their blog also includes helpful advice and features on how to make the most of Rewind’s backup services.

Rewind Cloud Backup Review

Rewind incorporates high security on a number of levels (Image credit: Rewind)


Rewind takes security seriously, which is important when your business’s vital data is at stake. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is required when backing up systems that use this protocol, and Rewind employees can only access internal systems via VPN on a “least privilege basis,” which means they can only see your data if it’s absolutely necessary. 

Encryption is used for sensitive items like system communication credentials and platform access tokens. And the physical data is stored on servers owned by Amazon Web Services (AWS) which has very high physical and digital security, in one of three locations (the US, Europe, or Canada).

The competition

While Rewind’s integrations with e-commerce and accounting software are handy for online business owners, you may be seeking a more all-round cloud backup system.

IDrive has a business package that backs up data from unlimited users, servers, computers, Exchange servers (which power Microsoft’s email capabilities), and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. For $74.62 (current offer as of April 2021), you’ll get 250GB of storage. This is a better option if you want to back up from a number of locations and devices, rather than from specific software. But your data stored in QuickBooks Online or Shopify, for example, could still be at risk.

For an easy-to-use backup service that charges per device, you could try Crashplan. It costs $9.99/device/month, and you can specify which files are backed up and how often. Again, this solution works best if you’re looking to back up files from specific devices.

Final verdict

Rewind is an excellent choice for online business owners who want to have peace of mind. By backing up your data from popular e-commerce or accounting software, you’ll know your business can carry on if there’s a disaster. Although you might need to use another service to back up files from your team’s devices, too, Rewind plugs a gap in the market by making sure your cloud-based data is also safe.

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