Oppo F1 Plus review

One step closer to the mainstream

Oppo F1 Plus review

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The star of the show here is the 16MP front-facing camera which boasts a wide f/2.0 aperture lens designed to make the most of any lighting.

There's obviously a limit to what it can do, but the results in low-light environments are quite impressive. If you're out and about at night and in the habit of taking a lot of selfies, then you might be swayed by this.

Oppo F1 Plus review

Oppo has also included a beauty feature that's supposed to iron out any blemishes in your face. You can slide to make yourself look rosier and pick a level of beautification. We've seen it all before and it's pretty gimmicky, but if you're in the habit of editing your selfies after taking them it might save you a bit of time.

Both the front-facing camera and the rear-facing 13MP snapper allow you to take panoramas, use beauty mode and capture time lapse videos. Oppo has also built in a wide choice of filters, but most people probably won't care about those.

Oppo F1 Plus review

The rear-facing camera may have a lower megapixel count, but it supports HDR and has an expert mode that lets you drill into ISO settings and tweak exposure and shutter speed, amongst other things.

I found the automatic settings got pretty decent results. Low light performance isn't as good as the front-facing camera, but it captures a decent level of detail and fires up quite quickly.

It does not hit the high notes achieved by something like the Galaxy S7 Edge, but compared with something in its price range, like the Xiaomi Mi5, it's perfectly respectable.

It doesn't support 4K video recording, but this isn't likely to be a deal breaker for many as it can record video at 1080p and 30 frames per second.

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