Vipre Antivirus review

Why pay for antivirus software if there are tools that do the same thing for free?

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Our Verdict

A good mid priced option for those looking for a well designed and effective antivirus solution


  • Uses small amount of resources
  • Good scanning


  • Limited compared to some Antivirus

Vipre is a new player in the antivirus market, but it's worthy of attention for being sleek. While other scanners hog system resources, Vipre – and developers Sunbelt Software – boast an unobtrusive but comprehensive scan.

This is a claim that seems to be true: we ran a full system scan to test the software and it rarely used more than 200MB of RAM, happily churning away with under 20 per cent of the CPU's resources most of the time. If it weren't for the chattering of the hard drive, we'd have forgotten it was running at all.

It also picked up some trojans that our test machine's free scanner, Avast, had missed – proof that sometimes you get what you pay for.

At a mid-range price, Vipre doesn't offer the full spread of tools you get from the likes of Norton and McAfee, but it certainly does the job it sets out to: giving you a proficient antivirus scanner that runs without tying up your entire machine for hours at a time.

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