Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2013 suite

Complete protection for kids with this anti-virus protection suite

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  • Easy installation
  • Simple parental controls
  • Good way to check Facebook privacy settings


  • Social media plugin can be cumbersome
  • Parental controls don't restrict overall computer usage

With so many different ways to connect to the internet these days, traditional anti-virus programs have had to adapt not just protecting users against malware, but also providing a buffer between kids and the perils of the web.

The 2013 release of Trend Micro's Titanium Maximum Security Suite is all about the kids, with integrated parental controls and social network protection, as well as the old fashioned protection from viruses and other malware.

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There's also password management, 10GB of included SafeSync cloud storage (5GB in the US and UK) for backing up your important documents and files safely.

The package comes with a license for five different devices in Australia (three in the US and UK), including Macs, PCs and Android devices.

Installation and use

Getting the protection on your Mac or PC is a pretty painless process. Installation is fairly quick, and the user interface is simple to navigate for even the most novice user.

Navigation is broken up into five simple tabs: Overview, PC/Mobile, Privacy, Data and Family. Each section offers access to one of the key functions of the program, and is easy to work out what to do with each tab does.

You won't generally notice any big performance drops while the software downloads updates or scans your machine, although depending on your setup, putting the security suite into "Extra Security" mode might cause some performance hiccups.

The parental mode offers the ability to restrict usage based on age groups, as well as introducing your own blocked URLs. Should your child attempt to access a blocked webpage, they'll be prompted to enter a password.

The other element of parental controls is the Online Guardian, which gives parents a report of all a child's internet usage, from how long they're spending on Facebook, to what keywords they are searching for on Google. It also chronicles any attempts to access a blocked website.

For chronic Facebook users concerned about the social network's frequent changes to privacy settings, the software also has a mode to check that you aren't oversharing your personal information.

It holds your hand through the process of making all your information private, offering warnings for when you are sharing too much.

It all works pretty well. There are some issues with the social media plugin that checks links on social media feeds like Twitter, which gets really annoying while browsing the internet and having the information pop up as you mouse over links.


The annual anti-virus update is far from the most exciting software purchase, but as far as it goes, Trend Micro's latest offering delivers a good selection of improvements and updates to make the purchase worthwhile.

Parents will like the included parental controls, although the fact that it only limits online usage rather than general computing use means it's not quite the complete package.

The simple interface makes it easy enough for even the most novice user to set up and customise as required, and the inclusion of a five machine license, which covers Android as well as Mac and PCs, makes it a good option for a full family.