McAfee Internet Security 2010

The latest heuristic techniques have been used but it's not quite the complete package

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Our Verdict

While not the fastest suite around, the scanning is in-depth and the promise of future updates means the niggles will probably be addressed


  • Good detection rate
  • Heuristic scanning techniques


  • Not a completed product
  • Parental controls are a bit basic

McAfee Internet Security 2010 is one of the most difficult antivirus suites to review, as we don't actually know what it looks like.

This is because the software is in a crossover period and what you'll find if you buy this version is the current build with all the updates for this year. Subscribers will be sent the new McAfee Internet Security 2010 as a download when it's finally released.

So if you invest in a copy of McAfee Internet Security 2010 right now, what will you find?

For starters, McAfee has one of the longest installs of any of the suites here. The interface hasn't changed in the past couple of years and will be one of the major changes in the new update.

You'll find there are four main areas - Computer & Files, Internet & Network, Email & IM and Parental Controls - each of which drop down into more refined controls.

The Parental Controls are rather basic, as you can merely set up keyword and website filtering, but not lock the system down or set timed access.

When carrying out scans, McAfee uses the latest heuristic technologies, so you'll find that scans and updates are being carried out in the background.

When you do need to run scans, McAfee has a great detection rate, but it's not the fastest of suites. If you want to use the default settings, then McAfee Internet Security 2010 works exceedingly well, showing the protected status of your system with a large green tick when all is well and changing to amber or a red cross should there be problems that need attending to.

In its 2009 state, the current version of McAfee Internet Security works extremely well, delivering decent protection. It's not the fastest suite here, but that could change when the planned updates happen.

If you can hold off investing in an internet security suite until later in 2010, then McAfee may well be the perfect option, but it's hard to recommend until we've seen the updates.