Kaspersky Internet Security 2009

With some new features and updated old ones, can the latest version from Kaspersky impress?

Our Verdict

Kaspersky have updated and tweaked their anti-virus to work on older machines with ease


  • Intrusion prevention
  • Updated firewall


  • No major updates

As a company, Kaspersky specialises in anti-virus software, so much so that you'll find its scanning tools at the heart of rival packages. However, it saves the latest version for its own security suite, which this year has moved from version 7 to Internet Security 2009.

You won't find anything too extraordinary on offer, as this suite sticks to the basic principles of anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing tools, as well as real-time scanning for not only email, but also your internet browser and instant messaging applications.

Installation is quick and easy and you'll find it fairly light on system resources, so even budget laptops will be able to run it without too much trouble. The interface hasn't seen much of a change from version 7, and follows the standard format of core tasks highlighted on the left-hand side.

These comprise of Protection, Scan, Update and License, and clicking them drops you down into corresponding tools. The interface may not have seen any big changes, but the way the software works certainly has.

Stop intruders

Kaspersky has introduced a host-based Intrusions Prevention System (HIPS), which comprises tools that check which applications have previously been launched and whether they are safe to run.

The rootkit tools, which look for viruses already installed on your hard drive, have been beefed up, so if your laptop holds infected files, Kaspersky will quickly root them out.

The firewall in previous versions has always been seen as a weak point, but this has also been strengthened and works well in locking your laptop down.

Parental controls are a new addition and will be a welcome inclusion for anyone looking to install the software on a family machine. Three machines are covered using the one licence, so you can protect every laptop in the average home with ease.

Overall, this suite has managed to toughen up its line of defence without greatly impacting on system resources, making it a great choice, particularly for those with slower machines.