Easypano Panoweaver 7.4 review

Stitch panoramas with ease and output in multiple web-friendly formats

Easypano Panoweaver 7.4
Piece together high-res panoramic images with 360-degrees of rotation

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Easypano panoweaver 7.4 review

Overall, Easypano Panoweaver 7.4 may be an essential for multimedia users, who will see this software as a five star product. But for those wanting to make standard, flat panoramas for print or screen, it's hard to ignore Photoshop's powerful and cost-effective abilities.

Buying into both programs would make sense, since they work well in tandem - Photoshop to process raw files, stitch and blend images and perform other edits for more traditional panoramas, and Panoweaver to generate 360-degree multimedia editions not possible elsewhere.

That's where this program's strength lies if you've got the shooting knowhow.

We liked

This program is able to generate 360-degree shots in a variety of interactive multimedia formats from JPEG or raw files. Resulting panoramas are fluid and navigable, ideal for online use. Or, thanks to HTML5 output, computers running Safari and multimedia devices such as the iPad can also benefit.

We disliked

The stitching process isn't always accurate (despite lots of detailed controls), and the lack of post-production can cause issues due to a lack of horizon and distortion adjustment.

Considering Photoshop Elements is cheaper, Easypano Panoweaver 7.4 feels expensive for what it offers, particularly the Mac version that doesn't offer SmartBlend for accurate exposure blending. Plus the software is slow to decode raw files.

Final verdict

Easypano Panoweaver 7.4 is great for stitching and outputting multimedia formats of 360-degree panoramas - so long as you know exactly what you're doing at the shooting stage, since this is an unforgiving piece of software.

For traditional flat panoramas there's a lack of controls and the output size limitations see other programs outsmarting Easypano's latest. This is strictly one for those wanting to get the most out of scrollable, interactive web-ready formats rather than traditional print.

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