HP DeskJet 1010 review

This printer is as cheap as the replacement ink

HP DeskJet 1010 review

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The DeskJet 1010 doesn't do much. It can't wirelessly print nor can it scan, copy or fax. What it can do is print, and at $30, HP delivers a more than capable printer in a compact package. If you don't need all the fancy options and want a solid, reliable printer to print a few sheets here and there or the occasional photo to share with grandma, this printer delivers an exceptional performance-to-value ratio.

We liked

The DeskJet 1010 delivers great quality prints at an extremely affordable price tag. For users who need a straightforward printing experience and don't need or want the frills of scanning, duplex printing, faxing or copying, the compact size of the DeskJet 1010 makes it an attractive option for small offices, apartments and cramped dorm rooms.

We disliked

Without built-in Wi-Fi, you cannot wirelessly print to the DeskJet 1010. This means that despite its compact size, the printer must be within range of a USB cable to plug into your computer or a laptop. As such, the most natural home for the DeskJet 1010 is either on a desk or an adjacent printer stand.

The DeskJet 1010 sacrifices post-PC convenience in favor of a lower price. The DeskJet 1010 won't work with Apple's AirPrint on iPhones and iPads. Because smartphones have replaced digital cameras for many people, the lack of Wi-Fi support with the DeskJet 1010 means you can't print your photos directly from your smartphone without first transferring those images to a PC or Mac.

Final verdict

The DeskJet 1010's low acquisition cost is hampered by higher print costs compared to other inkjets on the market. This makes the DeskJet 1010 less attractive to students who need to churn out lengthy term papers or dissertations, but if you need to quickly print a few sheets occasionally, you can't beat the price of HP's offering.

This great value is only available if you're willing to live in a wired world. Lacking built-in Wi-Fi, you'll need to tether your PC or Mac to the printer over a USB cable, and you can't print your favorite vacation photos directly from your smartphone or tablet.