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Cooler Master CM Storm Xornet review

A good budget gaming mouse for those of you with a 'claw'

Cooler Master CM Storm Xornet
A gaming mouse for the claw-handed


  • Good design (if your hands work that way)
  • Reasonably sensitive
  • Price


  • No adjustments

Ergonomically-designed gaming mice are nothing new to us here on PC Format. Ergonomically-designed gaming mice specifically tailored for the right-handed are likewise nothing new.

What is a little more unusual however is an ergonomically-designed, right-handed mouse specifically designed for one very niche way of holding said rodent. The CM Storm Xornet is such a mouse and has been tailored for those gamers who subscribe to the ‘claw’ grip.

There are essentially two ways of holding your mouse; the ‘palm’ grip is where the whole hand is rested on the mouse whereas the ‘claw’ grip is a far looser affair with the mouse held and manipulated purely with the fingertips and the thumb. There are minor variations in between, but these are the dominant styles.

Cutting down the mouse’s prospective purchasers by at least a half seems a little extreme, but fits in with the CM Storm pure gaming mentality. The Xornet may look like a notebook mouse because of its size but that’s down to the fact it doesn’t need to be held in the palm – only the fingertips actually rest on the mouse itself.

Design defined

As a proponent of the ‘claw’ grip I can tell you it’s a well-designed bit of kit. It’s easily moved, and the rubber grips are perfectly positioned for the thumb and fingers.

Strangely, as other manufacturers shout about crazy-high DPIs, the Xornet is content with a lowly 2,000dpi. Given the latest R.A.T. Albino is capable of 6,400dpi, the new CM Storm looks like it’s lagging.

But this is no laser mouse – this is an old-school optical number. A lot of people like the precision of the laser, but the twitchiness of the high-dpi optics can make for difficult gaming.

The Xornet is incredibly precise despite its lowly numbers, and is designed perfectly for the ‘claw’ grip. It’s not going to replace my R.A.T. but it’s still a bold wee mouse.

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