SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 review

A Flash drive that can be used for both PC and Android Tablets

Sandisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 review

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The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive does a good job at auto-mounting on your Android, assuming you have an OTG-enabled device. In terms of data transfer, it handles large files well. Movies for example, are really easy to transfer to your Android device. You simply copy all of the movies you'd like to transfer into the device's folder and they transfer over to the device itself. You can use the SanDisk Memory Zone app to do all the file copying and moving that you need or you can use any File Viewer app of your choosing.

The Memory Zone App is easy, it selects all files and puts them into categories, and you can easily back up your phone to your flash drive. You can choose to back up your built-in SD or an external SD, and the drive will back up photos, contacts, documents, movies and music. While the Memory Zone App will not do a complete back up to the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive like the Titanium App would, it does make it easier to back up your Android device without having to root it.

The transfer speeds weren't exactly USB 3.0 but they were fair. Using ATTO Benchmark, the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive got the following speeds:

On USB 2.0:

  • Average Write was 18Mbps
  • Average Read was 33Mbps

On USB 3.0:

  • Average Write was 32Mbps
  • Average Read was 110Mbps


You're not getting the world with this device. However, you shouldn't expect miracle tools for such a small amount of money. What you are getting is a capable drive that fits a niche, but important role. Ultimately, the question you've got to ask yourself is, do the following pros and cons align with your specific needs?

We liked

The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive is easy to use and, if you have a Droid, it might make sense to replace your normal USB 3.0 flash drives with this. Why not? The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive allows you the option of transferring directly to your device on the go.

Not having to Root your device is nice and since the KitKat launch, I find it super difficult to move things from internal SD to external SD because some Android OS write protects the external. WIth SanDisk's Ultra Dual USB Drive, you don't need to worry about write protection, rooting, or anything.

We disliked

Write speeds were not amazing but they were fair. The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive construction is poor. The sliding mechanism is cheap and feels flimsy. The casing is good but mine broke on me when I was taking it out of my USB port. The device still works but the casing is shattered.

This device is ideal for the Android enthusiast, but in all other instances, the drive seems superfluous. For example, whenever I use my Droid, I've either uploaded files in one of two ways: inputting the micro-sd card into an adapter (though transfer speeds are poor), or I have set up my Android device as a Wireless Mountpoint to transfer files wirelessly. However, neither of these options is as fast as the SanDisk Drive. So, if speed is something you are concerned with, then the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive makes sense for you.

Final verdict

The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive is a cool device, but it may not be worth purchasing if you're not an Android enthusiast concerned with file transfer speeds. Just be mindful of the drive's cheap build and, understand that what you're purchasing is a luxury item and not a necessity. With all of that taken into consideration, it probably makes sense for you to purchase one: it can be bought for as little money as a movie ticket and it may just come in handy one day.