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Transcend StoreJet Cloud review

Boost your smartphone's storage wirelessly

Transcend StoreJet Cloud
Add capacity for your smartphone wirelessly with the Transcend StoreJet Cloud


  • Portable
  • Good media playback with supported files
  • Fair price


  • Only USB 2.0
  • Unsupported file types won't play

While some smartphones and tablets are happy to enable you to increase their capacities by inserting SD cards and the like, if you've got something such as an iPad or iPhone, then upgrading your memory is a far more expensive procedure. The prices being mooted for the rather modest jump from the 16GB to the 32GB iPhone 5 can be eye wateringly expensive.

The idea behind the Transcend StoreJet Cloud is that you can load it up with files you can't fit on your smartphone or tablet, and then connect it to your mobile device via Wi-Fi, where you can access and play back files.

It also has a wireless bridge mode, to connect to your wireless internet. It's a nice touch that enables you to browse the internet on your smartphone or tablet, while it's also connected to the Transcend StoreJet Cloud.

At first the drive acts like a standard USB drive, since you plug it into your PC and copy your files over. While the solid state drive inside the Transcend StoreJet Cloud is a welcome feature, it only supports USB 2.0, so transferring over large amounts of data can take a while.

An app is available for iOS or Android devices that enables you to browse the files after you've connected your phone to the Transcend StoreJet Cloud's Wi-Fi.

It's an easy process, and though there was some lag when browsing our files, it worked alright for photos. We could swipe between photos, and after a slight pause the photo would appear.

Video playback is also good, as long as the files you have are in the right format - otherwise problems occur. Still, there's a wide enough range of file types supported.


We've seen products similar to this in the Kingston Wi-Drive and the Seagate GoFlex Satellite, which fell short of our expectations. While the Transcend StoreJet Cloud is sometimes hit and miss, mainly this is a solid product that comes far closer to reaching its lofty goal of wirelessly expanding our smartphone and tablet's capacities at a reasonable price.

Matt Hanson

Senior Computing editor

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