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Mio Digiwalker H610 review

It's satnav with benefits

The DigiWalker H610 is first and foremost a pocket-sized satellite navigation system

Our Verdict

A decent satnav device, but best left at that


  • Impressive satnav functionality


  • Transferring content a slow process
  • Poor audio quality
  • Limited storage capacity

Not all PMP devices put entertainment first, as the DigiWalker H610 is first and foremost a pocket-sized satellite navigation system that claims to offer a generous serving of digital entertainment on the side. We thought we'd see how it performs when it's not keeping you on the straight and narrow.

The first problem you'll face when using the H610 as a PMP is actually getting the content on to it. You can't simply hook it up to your laptop using USB and drag and drop the files across in Windows Explorer, but instead need to use the bundled Mio Transfer software. In fairness, a lot of players use this approach and while the Mio software is straightforward, with a clean interface, we found it incredibly slow to use.

You'll also need to convert videos to the necessary MP4 format, which requires yet another piece of software and, yes, takes more time, particularly if the file you're converting is large.

Once you've done all this, you can access videos by tapping the MioPlayer icon on the touchscreen and then selecting your desired file from the list with another tap. You can then flip the file into full-screen landscape to view it, but don't expect a cinematic experience - the screen is too small to make widescreen stuff look decent. The single speaker is tinny and shrill - we'd recommend plugging in a decent pair of headphones.

Storage is limited, as you only get 2GB of Flash memory, although this can be expanded with an SD card - you can now pick up a 1GB card for as little as £10 (inc. VAT) from most supermarkets.

When it comes to its core skills, the H610 is actually a very accomplished sat-nav unit, with maps of Western Europe and Mio's nifty mapping software crammed into a neat pocket-sized unit with a 4.5-hour battery life. But when it comes to multimedia matters, well, it really loses its way.