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Macally TunePro Flat Panel review

This iPod radio alarm clock wins us over with intelligent design

The controls are easy to use – good news if you’re in bed and half asleep.

Our Verdict

A well put together model that sits comfortably within the limits of affordability


  • Great sound
  • Easy to use
  • Clear LED display
  • Good build quality
  • Easy to slap snooze button


  • No remote (sold separately)

Macally's TunePro is an excellent iPod speaker with a built-in alarm clock and radio that's perfectly suited for small rooms or a bedside table. It's affordable, provides great sound and has well thought out controls and general layout.

The tuning mechanism is a doddle to use: not once did we need to refer to the manual while setting up preset stations. The iPod dock is a good one. As you can probably gather we were generally very impressed.

The TunePro's best feature is probably the ease with which you can tune into radio stations and save settings. A large LED display on the top right-hand corner of the facing panel tracks your searches in small enough increments of frequency to get a good fix on terrestrial channels.

The speaker is a NXT panel, which is an entirely different set-up to traditional speaker drivers pumping away. The whole panel vibrates to make sound, which was excellent within two metres. This speaker system will never be the centrepiece of a booming party, but at this price and this size you wouldn't expect it to be. It can go quite loud but not without some strain.

Sturdy design

The iPod dock is sturdy, certainly more sturdy than the dock on a Bose SoundDock at any rate. A snooze/power/mute button is placed on its leading edge and a range of trays for cradling different iPods come in the box.

On the downside there's no internet radio or DAB connection, no Dock Connector port for docking back with a Mac (so you can't update iPod content), no remote and no video-out sockets. As a bedside unit you don't really need these things, though a remote would have been nice. There is a 3.5mm audio-in jack if you want to play music from a Mac or CD player through the TunePro.

In a nutshell, an affordable model with good sound, good features and easy controls.