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Dizzion makes work from home easy with its cloud-delivered virtual desktop series. The fully managed service offers ongoing support and tight security to help you maximize the productivity of remote workers.


  • +

    Customizable specs for virtual desktops

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    Fully-managed service

  • +

    Tight security and compliant solutions


  • -

    Not suitable for small businesses

  • -

    Minor performance glitches

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Dizzion provides a managed desktop as a service (DaaS) that delivers a virtual desktop experience using cloud technology. DaaS is a popular choice for businesses with remote workers, as it offers them the same desktop experience they would get in the office.  

In this Dizzion review, we'll be evaluating why many consider it to be one of the best virtual desktop services out there. With a good track record in the DaaS market since 2011, Dizzion boasts a decade of cloud desktop innovation. Its flexible features could help you maximize the success of work from home (or work from anywhere) for your business. 

Desktop Sizes

Dizzion’s virtual desktops can be customized to specific requirements (Image credit: Dizzion)

Plans and pricing

As virtual desktops are customized, it's best to get in touch with Dizzion directly for a quote. 


Dizzion targets medium to large enterprises, focusing on large-scale virtual desktop deployment as a cloud service. This enables workers to access their desktop environment from any internet-enabled device, wherever they are, while organizations maintain the security and control they need. 

DaaS enables businesses to overcome many of the geographical, organizational, and technical barriers they would otherwise face. As virtual desktops are all hosted in one central cloud location, it’s much easier to push through updates, patches, or other adjustments to all desktops on the network at once. 

Some of the key industries that utilize Dizzion's services include healthcare, financial services, education, insurance, legal, and business process outsourcers. 

Desktop Experience

Dizzion complete is the company’s signature, fully managed DaaS service (Image credit: Dizzion)

Virtual desktops

Dizzion's virtual desktops offer video and app streaming capabilities, Office 365 support, and compute resources—the virtual equipment that makes up the desktop, such as the CPU, memory, and disks—that are optimized for high performance. 

Unlike many other virtual desktop services in the market, all of Dizzion's desktops are fully customizable. This means you can configure your virtual desktop to meet the specific requirements of your organization, or pick one of the prepackaged options. Desktops are customized based on performance metrics such as vCPU, memory, and IOPS, with options to support single and multiple user login. 

Dizzion also offers the additional benefit of comprehensive analytics and data on desktop usage, application usage, and whether workers are active or idle. Its custom-built analytics portal COSMOS offers real-time usage tracking, and is a unique standout Dizzion feature.

DaaS complete

Dizzion's signature package is DaaS complete, a fully managed service that includes infrastructure, setup, lifetime maintenance, troubleshooting, updates, backups, software, antivirus protection, end-user support, and more. All you provide are third-party applications and users.

It's an attractive deal as it takes away the hassle associated with managing the delivery of such a large-scale project, something which requires ongoing maintenance and work. This frees up the time of IT workers to focus on other critical business areas. 

DaaS anywhere

If you'd rather retain control over your own infrastructure, Dizzion offers another service called DaaS anywhere. This enables you to host the DaaS either in your own data center or the data center of your Managed IT Services Provider (MSP). DaaS anywhere can also integrate with your public cloud network, ensuring global delivery. 

This service is a good option for those who want to maintain control over their infrastructure. It also makes sense for those who have excess server hardware capacity.

Interface and in use

Dizzion's low-latency network design enables the processing of large volumes of data with minimal delay, making it quick and efficient for end users. Combined with its scalable, enterprise-grade infrastructure, it offers an excellent end-user experience. Despite this, there have been reports of occasional minor glitches with the software, though it seems Dizzion support is quick to fix them. 

Dizzion desktops support Windows 7/8/10 and Windows DEx operating systems. Supported endpoints include MacOS, Linux, Apple iOS, Android OS, and Chrome OS, enabling workers to conveniently access their virtual desktop on whatever device they're using. 


Dizzion’s virtual desktops can be customized to specific requirements (Image credit: Dizzion)


As part of its fully managed service, Dizzion offers comprehensive support in the design, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of your virtual desktop deployment. 

The company works closely with your organization's IT team to ensure that the transition goes smoothly, offering 24/7 support through email, phone, and a live ticketing system with a maximum four-hour wait time. 

Priority escalations get an immediate response, with a dedicated representative to manage the issue through to resolution.

Compliance Standards

Dizzion offers compliant solutions using 12 unique security technologies (Image credit: Dizzion)


Security is baked into every layer of Dizzion's platform, from the data center to the physical infrastructure, network, endpoints, and everything in between. 

Dizzion offers independently-audited solutions for organizations handling sensitive customer information. These solutions use 12 unique technologies (including two firewalls, two-factor authentication (2FA), and disaster recovery backups) to ensure PCI and HIPAA-compliant environments. 

The platform also enables administrators to use a role-based access system, with 100+ security controls that can restrict access to systems, applications, and data by type of user. 

The competition

One of Dizzion's key competitors is Amazon WorkSpaces, which offers a similar service. Amazon WorkSpaces has a transparent pricing structure on its website with a quote calculator. You can choose to pay monthly or hourly, and there's also the option to get a free trial for two months. 

Amazon WorkSpaces' more flexible "pay as you go" pricing structure makes it a better choice for small businesses and freelancers. Unlike Dizzion, the company also offers both Windows and Linux desktops. 

Final verdict

Dizzion is a high-performance, fully managed DaaS enabling companies to optimize the productivity of their remote workforce with virtual desktop deployment. 

Its full customization options mean you can build your virtual desktop to match your exact specifications while benefiting from Dizzion's rigid security measures. For companies handling sensitive information, Dizzion's compliant solutions offer peace of mind. 

However, the platform is built for medium to large enterprises focusing on large-scale deployment. Therefore, it may not be the right choice for small businesses.

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