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DataMatrix Medical provides innovative solutions to assist with administrative tasks, allowing physicians to focus on patient care. Their services are flexible, accurate, and available 24/7, and they offer a free trial to assess their suitability.


  • +

    Free two week trial

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    iOS and Android mobile apps

  • +

    Integration with dictation software

  • +

    High accuracy


  • -

    Opaque pricing

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    No toll free support line

  • -

    Lack of user reviews

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    Chat is for sales only

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DataMatrix Medical, formerly known as DataMatrix Tech, is a leading professional  medical transcription services company based in White Plains, NY. Its mission is to provide a comprehensive and innovative suite of medical transcription solutions that serve as an integral component in the growth of our clients’ medical practices. Its solutions empower medical practices by streamlining administrative tasks, allowing physicians to focus on patient care. We serve hospitals, health systems, physicians, and group practices across the country. With over 20 years of experience, DataMatrix Medical offers flexible service options, adheres to HIPAA compliance, ensures accuracy, and provides 24-hour capabilities.

DataMatrix Medical:

DataMatrix Medical's primary objective is to alleviate a significant source of frustration for medical professionals: the extensive documentation and administrative tasks that are an inherent part of contemporary medical practice. It is widely acknowledged that physicians did not enter the field to spend excessive time on administrative tasks, such as typing notes and completing reports. Unfortunately, this has become a common reality in the current healthcare landscape, with numerous reports of physicians working long hours beyond their scheduled shifts to complete their daily documentation. Consequently, DataMatrix Medical's core service, medical transcription, is designed to address this issue and mitigate physician burnout.

Instead of manually typing each note, DataMatrix Medical offers clinicians the ability to dictate notes using a phone, digital recorder, or mobile app. This sets DataMatrix Medical apart from many other medical transcription services, as the company supports both the Android and iOS platforms.


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Subsequently, professional medical transcriptionists undertake the transcription of the notes. These real individuals, assigned to the physician's account, transcribe the dictation with a remarkable 98% accuracy rate.

Thereafter, the notes undergo a rigorous multi-tiered quality assurance process specifically designed to ensure a high level of accuracy.

Lastly, within a 24-hour turnaround time, the notes are integrated into the physician's EHR.

Beyond simply uploading the transcribed note into the EHR, the company offers additional options. For instance, discrete data can be directly inserted into specific fields within the EHR, and various report sections can be placed in different parts of the patient's chart rather than being presented as a single document.

DataMatrix Medical possesses the adaptability to integrate seamlessly with diverse workflow models. Notably, some healthcare professionals utilize Voice Recognition Software (VRS) as their preferred transcription method. While this approach offers cost-effective benefits, it presents challenges in terms of result variability and the need for extensive editing. DataMatrix Medical addresses this issue by seamlessly integrating with the clinician's VRS, enabling the software to identify potential errors, rectify mistakes, and comprehensively review the notes to ensure their completion and accuracy, thereby eliminating any omissions.

Data security poses a significant challenge when granting access to electronic health records (EHRs), a challenge that DataMatrix Medical directly addresses. Physical security measures are in place to restrict access to servers stored at their Tier 1 data centers, which are designed to eliminate downtime and enable continuous, reliable access to patient data.  These measures are complemented by optimal security practices, such as the deployment of robust operating systems equipped with up-to-date security patches.


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DataMatrix Medical: Drawbacks

While no dictation service is without its flaws, DataMatrix Medical does have several shortcomings in particular. These include the opaque pricing model, which necessitates contacting the company directly to obtain a quote, the lack of transparency regarding support options, and the absence of a toll-free phone line for sales or support inquiries.

Additionally, it is noteworthy that DataMatrix Medical is a relatively small provider, with a significantly lower customer base compared to its more prominent competitors. While this may imply greater individual attention to each account, it also renders their services more specialized and niche-oriented. Furthermore, despite conducting extensive online searches, we were unable to locate any user reviews for their service, aside from a few brief testimonials on their website. Their Facebook page, too, lacks even a solitary recommendation of their services, although it has almost 400 likes, but was last updated in 2019.

DataMatrix Medical: Support

The level of support offered by DataMatrix Medical is not clearly outlined on their website. The specific hours of availability and response times are not listed. However, the company does provide a support phone line, which is not toll-free but is separate from the sales line, and a support email address. This gives users two options for submitting their queries.

Disappointingly, there was a chat, but when we inquired if it was only for sales, we confirmed that indeed it was, and not to be used for support.


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DataMatrix Medical: Pricing

DataMatrix Medical extends a complimentary two-week trial period, enabling prospective clients to comprehensively evaluate their service offerings. This comprehensive trial includes 2,000 transcribed lines, access to their iPhone application, template setup, customized EHR integration, and a complimentary workflow consultation.

However, beyond this initial trial, pricing details become less transparent, necessitating direct contact with DataMatrix Medical for a personalized quote. Based on information available on their website, it can be inferred that a primary factor influencing pricing is the anticipated monthly volume of transcribed documents. The service can be utilized as a primary transcription solution or as a supplementary resource during periods of high demand, exceeding the capacity of an in-house transcription team. There are also discount programs available, but no further detail is provided. Furthermore, DataMatrix Medical emphasizes that they do not require clients to enter into long-term contracts, offering flexibility and freedom from lock-in commitments.

DataMatrix Medical: Final verdict

DataMatrix Medical, formerly DataMatrix Tech, is a professional medical transcription company based in White Plains, NY. It aims to provide innovative medical transcription solutions that facilitate the growth of clients' medical practices. Their services empower medical practices by streamlining administrative tasks and allowing physicians to focus on patient care. They offer flexible service options, ensure accuracy, and have 24-hour capabilities. We appreciate the free trial to decide if this service suits your practice. 

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