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Hannspree ST19AMBB review

Can this 16:10 LCD TV make it in a 16:9 world?

Hannspree ST19AMBB
A bargain set if you hunt around online but it's not one for the TV aficionado

Our Verdict

Only worth a look if price is more important than performance


  • Affordable
  • Simple to use


  • Visible backlight
  • Poor black levels

Hannspree is perhaps best known for its novelty TVs, but the manufacturer also produces a comprehensive range of modest sized budget sets, such as the ST19AMBB.

The TV sports a black plastic frame, and the company has thoughtfully provided a cloth for cleaning smudged fingerprints on the bezel and screen. Overall though the set's build quality is rather flimsy.

The connections roster is very basic, but there's also a PC input, enabling you to use the TV as a computer monitor. Annoyingly, the side-mounted aerial input protrudes at an unsightly angle, ruining the TV's already dubious aesthetics.

The onscreen graphics are simple and functional, but they are rather small and difficult to read and the muted colours and uninspiring design results in a lacklustre effect.

The remote control is fairly standard and looks over complex, considering the TV's sparse feature list. However, the most commonly used buttons are comfortably positioned and easy to use.


The slightly unusual resolution and the 16:10 panel, rather than the more conventional 16:9 widescreen ratio, means that pictures can appear slightly misshapen.

Overall picture performance is acceptable, but not great, with the visible backlight proving particularly distracting. Black levels are poor, with detail almost completely lost in the murkiest corners of the screen. Colour reproduction appears a little sketchy, too, with hues taking on an unrealistic quality.

Motion handling is also a problem, with standard-definition pictures suffering from a fair amount of blurring. HD is better, but does appear somewhat soft.

We wouldn't expect too much from the sonics on a TV of this size, but the performance here is rather below average. The speakers sound very tinny indeed, particularly as the volume is upped. There are a few different sound options, the best of which seems to be the Movie mode which adds some much needed base.

Hannspree st19ambb

Although the ST19AMBB has a recommended retail price of £200, you should be able to find it in shops for less and it's available online for as little as £125, making it a real bargain set.

If you're after a small, low budget screen then this panel does deliver a reasonable performance after a fashion, but if you're after quality it may be best to look elsewhere.

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