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Ferguson F2620LVD review

Disappointing contrast levels leave us awash in a sea of black

Ferguson F2620LVD
Unfortunately the Ferguson F2620LVD has a poor contrast ratio making it difficult to view darker scenes

Our Verdict

A poor offering considering the very high standard of HDTV's available on the market today


  • Built-in DVD player


  • Poor black and contrast levels
  • Horrid menus

Following owner Thomson's virtual withdrawal from the UK, Ferguson has made a low-key, return with this temptingly priced screen.

A drab design and cheapo build quality sets a downbeat tone. We were also horrified to spot just one HDMI input, while some small comfort comes from the presence of a dedicated D-Sub PC input.

The TV's yucky onscreen menus are unsurprisingly devoid of interesting features, but the set does have one unexpected trick up its sleeve – a built-in DVD player.

This DVD deck isn't a bad performer, either, throwing up little evidence of MPEG noise or twitching. Shame, then, that the TV's pictures are so underwhelming.

Lack of contrast

Particularly troubling is a severe lack of contrast, which finds dark scenes quickly bottoming out into a murky grey where there should be black. This misting problem also obscures shadow detailing, denying dark scenes any depth.

Furthermore, the backlight intensity isn't uniform across the panel, with some parts looking distractingly brighter than others.

The picture isn't completely without appeal. Bright scenes look vibrant and engaging, HD sources can appear pretty crisp, and objects moving across the screen don't look as blurry as we expected.

But with some average audio, not even the integral DVD player can make the set anything other than mediocre.