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DocuSign has announced a new partnership with WhatsApp that allows users of the popular messaging platform to electronically sign documents directly from the app.

According to the e-signature provider, businesses sending DocuSign agreements via WhatsApp can now expect them to be signed nearly seven times faster than those sent by email.

DocuSign says the move allows businesses to reach customers through their preferred communications platform, with many conversations already moving from traditional methods like email to quicker, more personable instant messaging services.

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DocuSign whatsapp integration

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The company says that the launch of WhatsApp’s DocuSign integration is a reflection of evolving consumer trends. Today, more consumers than ever carry out their business on mobile devices, which has been accentuated by tough economic landscapes globally, resulting in slowing PC sales.

Mangesh Bhandarkar, GVP of Product Management at DocuSign, said: “WhatsApp delivery for eSignature plays a pivotal role in DocuSign's mission to simplify the agreement process and truly enable our users to meet signers where they are, at virtually any time.”

Bhandarkar added that DocuSign is the only provider to offer customers a “true set of mobile multi-channel delivery mechanisms,” demonstrating the company’s commitment to a “frictionless, end-to-end agreement experience.”

Nikila Srinivasan, VP of Business Messaging at Meta, added: “At Meta, we envision a world where everyone can get business done right from their favorite messaging app.”

Srinivasan said that the DocuSign integration allows business to “[meet] people where they are.”

DocuSign’s strategic move will see it unlock access to two billion WhatsApp users and potential DocuSign customers across 180 countries.

Support for WhatsApp forms part of the Multi-Channel Delivery add-on, which is available to Standard customers and above. Access to SMS and WhatsApp delivery costs $0.40 per agreement.

Besides this particular messaging platform, DocuSign boasts more than 400 integrations with services including Salesforce, Zoom, and Stripe.

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