The best cheap VPN just got even cheaper—with up to 86% off

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All of the best VPNs will offer you not only unrivaled security, but also impressive speed, and none achieve the latter better than Surfshark. In our latest round of testing, Surfshark was the very fastest VPN, beating the likes of ExpressVPN by an impressive margin.

However, Surfshark just became a whole lot more tempting. An exclusive offer has dropped for TechRadar readers, offering you the chance to save 86% on a Surfshark subscription, including four months absolutely free!

With this exclusive VPN deal, you can access Surfshark's 2-year plans from only $2.09 per month. Plus, you get an extra four months included in the price, giving you 28 months of secured streaming and searching, all for under $60. And if you don't like the Surfshark experience, you can use its 30-day money-back guarantee to get your money back. 

Exclusive offer: Surfshark VPN deals

Surfshark Starter: $2.09/month + 4 extra months

Surfshark Starter: $2.09/month + 4 extra months
Surfshark already ranks as our best cheap VPN service, and with this deal, the value only gets better. Surfshark's Starter plan offers everything you need to keep your online persona secure, without adding costs for features you might not need. 

The plan includes Surfshark's VPN, with over 3,200 severs in over 100 countries, and speeds up to 950 Mbps. With this plan, you also get Surfshark's ad blocker, cookie pop-up blocker, and Alternative ID, which allows you to generate new personal details and a new email address to keep your information secure. 

Surfshark One: $2.59/month + 4 extra months

Surfshark One: $2.59/month + 4 extra months
Surfshark's One plan is the perfect choice for those wanting a complete security suite, without some of the most premium features Surfshark offers. The One plan comes with everything you get with Surfshark's starter plan, plus a whole host of new features, for only 50 cents more. 

In addition to what you get from the Starter plan, One plan subscribers can benefit from real time identity breach alerts for emails, credit cards, and personal IDs, personal data security reports, a private search tool, 24/7 antivirus protection, and webcam, spyware, and malware protection. 

Surfshark One+: $4.09/month + 4 extra months

Surfshark One+: $4.09/month + 4 extra months
Despite being its most expensive plan, Surfshark's One+ plan still comes in as a much better value option than you'd see from competition such as ExpressVPN. 

With a Surfshark One+ plan, you can access everything you'd expect from a Starter or One plan, but with the addition of data removal capabilities from company databases and people search sites, ensuring your data never ends up in the wrong hands. 

Why choose Surfshark VPN?

Surfshark has continued to rank among our top VPNs for a while now, and given its immense value for money package, I can't see this changing any time soon. 

Offering a VPN service with 3,200 severs across over 100 countries, Surfshark is able to compete with more supposedly premium providers, such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Surfshark combines its impressive coverage and speeds in a package that costs only a fraction of the price of some packages offered by its competition. 

In our latest round of VPN testing, Surfshark achieved the highest speeds of any provider we tested. Not only that, it was able to unblock content on every streaming service we tested, in every region we tested, making it a superb choice if you need one of the best streaming VPNs to access your favorite programs while abroad. 

If your focus is security, Surfshark offers AES-256-GCM encryption, with WireGuard, OpenVPN (UDP and TCP), and IKEv2 protocols to ensure a speedy and secure online experience. Plus, if that wasn't enough, you get a kill switch safety net, plus options for a dedicated IP, a rotating IP, or using Surfshark's Dynamic MultiHop and Bypasser features to ensure you get the most secure experience possible.


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