This is the most powerful mini PC in the world right now — and it’s being discounted by as much as 52% for Black Friday

Topton V600
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Topton V600 mini PC - Was $935.67 Now $453.33 at Aliexpress
Save 52%
Despite its inflated price, The V600 is a staggeringly good deal if you want something that is very, very fast without being very, very expensive. Remember that this is a barebones system with the CPU (the Core i9-13900H) only. You can add up to 64GB memory and up to 2TB PCIe for an additional fee.

If you want a PC that doesn’t take a lot of space, doesn’t cost the Earth and packs one of the most powerful processors available for laptops, then check out the Topton V600

It sports an Intel Core i9-13900H CPU, which is faster than the AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS on Passmark benchmark and costs as little as $453.33 at Aliexpress (after a $20 discount using coupon code BFUS80).

Pack it to the brim with a 2TB SSD (Gen4) and two 32GB DDR5 SODIMM and you have a pretty capable powerhouse that can achieve miracles in most applications (except of course, games). Opting for a system with parts also almost guarantees you will get an operating system (most likely Windows 11 Pro). This is clearly a high-end, workstation-grade mini PC that has two LAN ports (2.5 GbE) to connect to a compatible switch or router. 

You can plug in up to four 4K monitors thanks to four ports (TB4, HDMI x 2, DisplayPort). I’m half-surprised by the presence of USB 2.0 ports (which are mostly used for input peripherals) although you can always fall back on the quartet of “blue” USB 3.2 that’s also available. Wireless connectivity is done through Intel’s own AX211 chipset which delivers Wi-Fi6e and Bluetooth 5.2.

You may be happy to learn that you can plug in a second SSD (but Gen3 only) as well as a 2.5-inch hard disk drive (or SATA SSD if you have one around) for extra storage (by my calculations, up to around 24TB if you really want to push it).

Just note that the Core i9-13900H CPU is the slowest of the dozen or so Core i9-13900 CPUs Intel launched last year and performs 50% slower than some of the other members of this family like the Core i9-13900KF. It’s near impossible to fit anything more powerful in such a tiny space without experiencing thermal throttling.

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