Slack might have just added its most bizarre feature yet - but some of you will love it

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Killing those awkward moments before starting a call or meeting on Slack could soon be a lot more musical thanks to a new update.

The online collaboration platform has announced a new "jukebox" for its service that will allow users to select from a number of audible options while they wait to join a meeting - known on Slack as "huddles".

Previously only offering a "smooth jazz" option, the jukebox will now feature a number of different options, including such delights as Waiting Room, Subway Music, Whistle Tune, Focus Beats, Happy Bass, Sound Bath, and Nature Meditation.

Getting musical on Slack

In a company blog post announcing the news, Slack says that, since launching in 2021, huddles has become one of its most popular features, boasting a slightly unbelievable 95% customer satisfaction score.

The hold music function was apparently one of the most appreciated parts of the service, motivating Slack to expand it and make it more engaging.

"If you’ve ever found yourself alone in a Slack huddle, then you’ve likely experienced the smooth jazz that plays while you wait for your teammates to join," the company wrote. "But you may not always be in a jazzy state of mind. This is where the jukebox comes in."

Slack Huddles jukebox

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As mentioned, users will now be able to choose from a selection of musical styles, with the ability to set their individual favorites to play as the default. They can also choose to remove the music completely if so desired, or switch tracks using the new "lightweight" design jukebox menu.

As is currently the case, the music will start when a user joins a huddle on their own, (additionally muting their microphone) and will automatically pause once a colleague enters the huddle.

“Music can be a great source of motivation, creativity and stress relief," noted Mikey Maleki, Huddles Sound Designer. "Incorporating music into Slack’s software is a great way to enhance and even humanize the experience, ultimately making work more enjoyable."

The update is available now, although users may need to restart or sign out and back in to Slack to see their new jukebox option, and will need to make sure they have music turned on in their settings/preferences.

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