Samsung to reveal superfast DDR5 memory chip — 8.0Gbps per pin, 32Gb module approached GDDR5X speeds with 128GB memory modules likely to appear

Samsung DDR5
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Samsung is reportedly set to take the wraps off a number of cutting edge memory products at the upcoming 2024 IEEE International Solid-State Circuit Conference.

Alongside its previously announced GDDR7 memory, which will be making an appearance at the High-Density Memory and Interfaces session, the South Korean tech giant will also be unveiling a superfast DDR5 memory chip.

The high-capacity 32Gb DDR5 DRAM was developed using 12 nanometer (nm)-class process technology to deliver twice the capacity of 16Gb DDR5 DRAM within the same package size.

Lower power consumption

While Samsung hasn’t provided too much information about the DDR5 chip it will be unveiling at the conference, we do know the DDR5’s I/O speed is up to 8000Mbps per pin and it has been created with a Symmetric-Mosaic Architecture using Samsung's 5th generation 10nm class foundry node, specially tailored for DRAM products.

When the new DDR5 product was first announced at the end of 2023, SangJoon Hwang, Executive Vice President of DRAM Product & Technology at Samsung Electronics. said “With our 12nm-class 32Gb DRAM, we have secured a solution that will enable DRAM modules of up to 1-terabyte (TB), allowing us to be ideally positioned to serve the growing need for high-capacity DRAM in the era of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and big data. We will continue to develop DRAM solutions through differentiated process and design technologies to break the boundaries of memory technology.” 

Previous DDR5 128GB DRAM modules, manufactured using 16Gb DRAM, required the Through Silicon Via (TSV) process. However, the new 32Gb DRAM allows the production of a 128GB module without the TSV process, reducing power consumption by about 10%, according to Samsung. This makes it a welcome solution for data centers which are currently battling with the ever increasing energy demands of AI.

Samsung's latest DDR5 technology allows for the creation of 32 GB and 48 GB DIMMs at DDR5-8000 speeds in single-rank configurations, and also support 64 GB and 96 GB DIMMs in dual-rank configurations. We will no doubt find out more about the new memory once the conference is underway.

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