Quick! Samsung dropped price of its popular T7 portable SSD to its lowest for Amazon Prime Big Deal Day — and you even get a free Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan subscription worth $40

Samsung T7 Shield 2TB Portable SSD: Was $199.99 Now $99.99
Save 21%

Samsung T7 Shield 2TB Portable SSD: Was $199.99 Now $99.99
Save 21%
The T7 is Samsung’s top selling portable SSD on Amazon thanks to its great performance and superb pricing. With a USB Type-C connector and IP68 rating, it’s ready to transfer your data under all conditions. Grab it now while you can. 

Samsung’s best-selling external SSD is the T7 Shield 2TB and there’s a good reason why that’s the case. The diminutive storage device currently sells for $99.99, down from $126, a 21% discount, its cheapest price ever, and a deal made even sweeter by the inclusion of free Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan subscription for 60-days, an offer worth just under $40 (note that you can stack only two of these - I’ve learnt it the hard way).

What’s surprising is that Samsung sells the T7 Shield cheaper than the normal T7; in a surprising twist, the traditional T7 costs a whopping $140, 40% more and therefore gets a don’t buy sticker from me. The T7 Shield is slightly bulkier and lacks the sophistication of its normal sibling (thanks to its rubber protection) but other than that, both are identical.

When I reviewed it last year, I wrote that it is “an iteration, a marginal improvement on the T7 range; it adds IP65 rating to the T7 and that’s about it. It is not intrinsically a bad product, just one that is not competitive enough. Unless you want to stick to Samsung as a brand, there are more affordable and better protected options available, even from Samsung.”

Well that was when the SSD sold for a staggering $289.99. At $99.99 though (65% off its original suggested retail price), it is an outright steal. Yes, there are cheaper portable SSDs out there and models that sport IP68 rather than IP65, but overall, the T7 Shield - at this price - gets my vote.

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