Great news - playing games at work could actually help boost productivity

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New research from Candy Crush Saga has uncovered an explanation as to why its app might be so popular, with workers reportedly experiencing more productivity after a quick gaming pause.

The study, carried out by parent company King, found that more than two-thirds (69%) of UK office workers play games on their phones during working hours, with around one-third respectively claiming it helps them to refocus (34%) or de-stress (30%).

Despite the apparent benefits, many workers remain scared of what their boss might think (up to 70% of Gen Z workers).

Does gaming help productivity?

It’s a well-known school of thought that regular breaks from work can be beneficial to productivity, however some workers fail to take full advantage of time away from their desk.

Only around one-third (37%) of UK office workers take regular breaks, with only three in five (59%) Boomer workers taking their full lunch break, compared with four in five (81%) of Gen Z workers.

Britain’s workers have previously come under fire over relatively poor productivity, but Candy Crush Saga reckons it could be partly a result of overworking. It found that nearly three-quarters (70%) of workers felt conscious about what their boss may think about them taking breaks outside of their formal, fixed, or allocated times.

The fear has resulted in many workers taking secret breaks, with four in five (80%) stepping out to places like the kitchen, bathroom, or a meeting room for a quick moment to reset.

The study cites career expert Catri Barrett, who acknowledges that workers cannot give 100% effort all of the time. Barrett says:

“There is a common belief and fear among older generations that taking breaks at work can be seen as ‘lazy’ or show a lack of dedication.”

While we’re not entirely sure that regular gaming might be the answer to Britain’s productivity crisis, the study certainly highlights the need for employees and employers to explore different working methods.

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