Microsoft unveils its first AI PCs — the business-focused Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 want to revolutionize how you work

Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6
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Microsoft has unveiled its latest flagship enterprise devices, with the new Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 packed full of the latest software and AI capabilities to make it a serious contender as the best laptop for business.

The company says both devices offer promising improvements over their predecessors in both performance and design, with both devices being the first true Microsoft AI PCs.

The Surface Pro 10 offers all the latest and greatest Copilot experiences in a sleek and compact package for the workers on the go, while the Surface Laptop 6 packs the processing power of a desktop tower into a laptop without compromising on weight.

AI-powered everything

Before getting into the nitty gritty specs of the two latest Microsoft devices, lets delve in to the Copilot AI capabilities for business.

Copilot for Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 can help employees catch up on missed meetings when returning from vacation or sickness, thanks to its meeting summaries with user-specific actionable priority suggestions.

Moreover, Windows 11 for enterprise offers an AI enabled platform that gives users highly customizable accessibility options, auto-patching, and the ability to easily manage cloud PCs with AI.

Employees will also have an increased ability to personalize the device to them, optimize the power performance to increase battery life, and see suggested performance improvements and troubleshooting suggestions from Copilot.

The AI offerings for Windows 365 also help to increase device and organization security with single sign-on, cloud PC encryption and zero-trust access capabilities.

Surface Pro 10

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Surface Pro 10

The Surface Pro 10 offers a significant performance boost over the previous Pro 9 model, utilizing the latest Intel Core Ultra processors to boost its performance over its predecessor by 50%.

But more excitingly, the Pro 10 now utilizes a neural processing unit (NPU) that is the powerhouse behind all of the latest integrated Copilot AI features, freeing up capacity on the main processor to handle the tasks that matter.

There is the option for 5G connectivity, allowing the Surface Pro 10 to be used on the go, which comes especially in handy with the custom anti-reflective display for use in any lighting conditions.

Moreover, the Pro 10 also comes with enhanced inking technology which can be used with Copilot to turn messy written notes into organized documents, with Copilot suggestions to help optimize your workflow and boost productivity.

No compromise was made for collaboration, with the Pro 10 offering the largest field of view camera on a tablet, with 140 degrees of HD video angle alongside AI powered auto-framing to keep you at the center of attention.

The Surface Pro 10 can be configured to your performance needs, with Core Ultra 5 135U and Core Ultra 7 165U processors available, alongside 8GB of ram that can be custom configured all the way up to 64GB depending on your expected workload.

With two Thunderbolt 4 ports as standard, and will set you back $1,199 for the base model, which ships with a 256GB Gen4 SSD. The screen is an LCD, unfortunately dispelling the rumors that Microsoft would be releasing an OLED device.

Surface Laptop 6

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Surface Laptop 6

In Microsoft's own release event demo, the Surface Laptop 6 was able to handle multiple application workloads, including a running Visual Studio and a 10 project NET Aspire solution, all while streaming to a 6k and 4k monitor while being on a Teams call.

This is thanks to the Core Ultra 5 135H or Core Ultra 7 165H, depending on how hard you're looking to run this workhorse, giving it twice the performance of the Laptop 5, Microsoft claims. The RAM is configurable just like the Surface Pro 10, with 8GB as standard configurable all the way up to 64GB.

You also have the choice of sticking with the base model 256GB Gen4 SSD, or you can upgrade all the way to 1TB of storage. The base model ships out at $1,199, but there are a few additional options that may pique your interest.

The Surface Laptop 6 can be configured to include a smart card reader and NFC reader to increase device security, alongside the zero-trust principles and secure core capabilities.

Surface Laptop 6 can also be configured to use biometric login, alongside user specific pins to provide secure dual-factor authenticated access. And thanks to Windows 365, you can have instant access to your cloud PC with everything right where you left off.

The chassis is constructed from recycled aluminum, with the internals featuring QR code guidance for increased reparability, lowering the repair costs to your business and reducing the environmental impact of the device itself.

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