Microsoft Teams may have killed off a feature that might have actually made it more enjoyable to use

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Users of Microsoft Teams looking for a more private, but also slightly stylish, way of spicing up their backgrounds while on a video call may have to wait a little while longer, a new update from the company has revealed.

The video conferencing service had been working on a new feature that brought a "frosted glass" effect to Microsoft Teams backgrounds, offering extra privacy for those users not willing to show off their living quarters.

However the feature has now been pulled from the release cycle, at least for the time being, as Microsoft looks to make some possible changes or alterations.

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"We are not rolling out this feature at this time and will make a new announcement when we have an updated timeline," the entry on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap for the feature reads.

Having originally been added to the roadmap all the way back in May 2023, the update was due to begin rolling out in March 2024. There doesn't seem to be any particular reason why such a feature would be pulled, so we're assuming the delay is due to a technical issue, or something internal at Microsoft.

The delay may be a disappointment for Microsoft Teams users hoping for the chance of a bit more personalization and privacy in their calls. The update would have allowed users to combine graphics with a blur effect by making use of the PNG image format, which typically displays graphics on a transparent background.

Including such a format would have allowed the transparent area to become blurred with the graphic itself forming the main background effect.

"Frosted Glass is a type of background effect that helps users keep their privacy with a background blur, but in a more professional and creative way," the company added.

TechRadar Pro has contacted Microsoft for comment, and will monitor for any further changes to the roadmap entry.

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